Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello all babydow players!

Dear fellow babydow players,

I am MacKenzie a.k.a we need weekends :P. I played babydow for a very long time and I have decided to share my babydow knowledge with other babydow players just like you!!

So here are a couple questions I may be asked.

 Q- So what is babydow?

A- Babydow is a fun free virtual game were you create a baby and chose it's name, gender, appearance ect,  and basically you take care of your baby until he or she grows up and go's off to school. You can chat with friends and have more babies as well.

 Q- What age do babies go to school at?

A- The babies on abaydow all go to school when they are three years old.

 Q- How do I get more babies?

A- To get more babies you either have a magic seed in your garden that you can plant and a new baby will be born the second you plant it.
Also you can plant rose and cabbage seeds in your garden and wait a couple days for them to bloom to recive your new baby.

 Q- What's an adoption center?

A- An adoption center is a place made up by players of babydow were you can adopt babies. First you choose out a baby you'd like to adopt and then PM the owner of the adoption center and ask for that baby. A seed will be sent to you and you have to plant it and when it's ready pick it and make baby how the owner of the adoption center said.

 Q- What's a PM??

A- A Private Message or PM is a message sent by players to other players. It is basically an Email but on babydow. You have an inbox and that's were your PM's are sent to.

 Q- What are mods?

A- A moderator or a mod is someone who's name is in ORANGE. They are chosen by the admins and they help out around babydow. They are very special to babydow.

I hope these questions helped you understand babydow better. If you still have any questions feel free to just ask! ;)

~ we need weekends :P

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